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    Posted on 22 April 2014 9:33am with 168 notes
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    Hi all! So I decided to browse online for some more clothes, so I came across this shop called SpreePicky. Based in China, they mainly sell kawaii or Asian clothing and accessories, including sailor moon, lolita sweet style and harajuku fashion. I would highly recommend it if you love Japanese things!

    They offer free shipping worldwide and have many payment methods including Paypal, Western Union, bank transfer..and bonus: YOU can use the discount code “Mia Zhou” (not including the “”) and get 10% off your order when you spend $30 or more!

    Below are my reviews on some of the items I have received!

    • skirt - this 3D Florals Skirt made from rayon is suitable all year-round (all seasons). I quite like it as it’s very comfortable, however, it only comes in one-size, but it can fit many different sizes! This skirt also comes in the colour blue too!
    • dress 1 - this Floral Lace Organza Bubble Dress is made from cotton, lace and organza, and also comes in yellow colour too, as well as 4 different sizes! I like the design of this dress as it’s very cute and creative but it was a bit too small for me!
    • dress 2 - I absolutely love this Lovely Owl Hot Drilling Sweater Dress. The owl is extremely cute and although this looks like a sweater and a skirt separately, it’s actually a dress which is something I quite like! It’s extremely soft and comes in 3 sizes, and is suitable to wear during autumn/winter! :)

    I do recommend you check out SpreePicky! Remember to use the discount code “Mia Zhou” (not including the “”) and get 10% off your order when you spend $30 or more! :)

    Check out their social media too: Facebook // Instagram // Tumblr 

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